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The Drummer’s Weekly Workout | 9/27/21

9/27/21: In this week’s exercises, pay close attention to the snare drum and make sure you’re only accenting counts 2 & 4. The rest of the snare notes should be played much softer. All of the exercises can be loaded up in the Groove Scribe online. Have fun! The Weekly Workout is 3 fresh drum set exercises, delivered to your […]

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The Drummer’s Weekly Workout | 8/23/21

8/23/21: This week’s exercises are a bit more difficult… They all remove standard snare emphasis from the 2 & 4. Level = Intermediate. Every exercise in the Weekly Workout is ‘clickable’ and has a corresponding QR code. Clicking on the exercise or scanning the QR code will open the exercise in the online ePlayer powered by Groove Scribe. The […]

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The Drummer’s Weekly Workout | 8/16/21

The Drummer's Weekly Workout

Hey drummers, the weekly workout is here! If you like playing drums and like a challenge, sign up for my Weekly Workout. You’ll get three free drum set exercises delivered to your email every Monday. 8/16/21: This weeks exercises are designed for intermediate players. All exercises are linked to the Groove Scribe, which lets you hear each […]

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