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Drummer Tools

Drummer Tools - The #1 Resource for Drummers


Drummer Tools, from drummer & composer Travis Brant, is the #1 resource platform for drummers. Drummer Tools was built for students, teachers, and drum fanatics worldwide. These tools have been used to author books, weekly workouts, and thousands of daily drum lessons. Now Drummer Tools is available to you - so we can create, share, and learn together.

Drummer Tools includes:

Drum Tutor for students and teachers
Daily Drum Lesson
Drummer's Weekly Workout
Drum TV
The Drum Report
Exclusive downloads
Free signup!


1. Save and recall lessons in the Drum Tutor
2. Share drum lessons with students and peers
3. Print lessons as sheet music
4. Import Groove Scribe exercises
5. Access lessons in the public library
6. Drummer Tools rewards program
7. FREE access to e-books

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Drummer Tools - The #1 Resource for Drummers
Drummer Tools - The #1 Resource for Drummers