Travis Brant | American Drummer & Composer

Drum Twisters – Release

Like a good tongue twister? How about a drum twister? Welcome to 150 rhythm twisting grooves - where every exercise is written as a two bar phrase specifically for drum set. Click each groove or scan the QR code to HEAR each drum twister in the included / online ePlayer. Then, simply play along! The ePlayer lets you speed up or slow down the tempo, to minimize your learning curve. There are no software downloads, mobile apps, or installations required to use the ePlayer. It's free and already included with Drum Twisters.


150 Two Bar Phrases
Instant download
Can be downloaded up to 4 times
Incudes ePlayer access


Every exercise in Drum Twisters is ‘clickable’ and has a corresponding QR code. Clicking on the exercise or scanning the QR code will open the exercise in the online ePlayer. The ePlayer lets you hear each exercise properly executed. You can speed up or slow down the pattern, as well as enable the built-in metronome.

Example Exercise with QR Code