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200 Paradiddle Exercises For Drums: Over 200 Paradiddle Exercises, Grooves, Beats & Fills To Improve Drum Technique


200 Paradiddle Exercises For Drums

Are you looking for a drum method to enhance your creativity on drums?
Do you want to learn how to turn paradiddle rudiments into effective drum grooves, fills and beats?
Do you want to improve your overall technique on drums and break new ground?

Paradiddles are essential patterns for any drummer who wants to expand their vocabulary and drum technique. They form a fundamental part of any drummer’s musical language and are an essential rudiment.

200 Paradiddle Exercises For Drums examines the four most common paradiddle-based drum rudiment patterns and combines them into over 200 meaningful exercises, drum beats and fills. You’ll also learn how to combine paradiddle patterns to create unlimited useful phrases on drums.
Paradiddle Grooves and Fills

You’ll learn to groove with the…

Single paradiddle
Double paradiddle
Single paradiddle-diddle
Triple paradiddle

…and combine these rudiments together into hundreds of creative drum fills and grooves.
Learn Drum Technique with Paradiddles

The 200+ examples in this book will teach you to:

Learn and internalize each paradiddle through musical examples
Apply each paradiddle in drum beats and fills.
Develop your technique, coordination, fluency, creativity and endurance on drums
Perform with other musicians confidently
Develop the skills needed for self-study
Read drum notation more easily

Musical Drum Exercises

Throughout 200 Paradiddles Exercises For Drums, the focus is on improving your drum technique and musicality. Every exercise teaches you a skill that you can easily incorporate into your playing.
Hear Drum Paradiddle Rudiments in Action

Each one of the 200+ paradiddle-based drum fills, grooves and exercises is recorded and available to download for free from a dedicated website. By hearing the examples in action you will learn them more easily and quickly discover how they can be naturally incorporated into your drum playing.
Master Paradiddles on Drums Today

Buy 200 Paradiddle Exercises For Drums today to quickly and easily make music from these essent