Travis Brant | American Drummer & Composer

Encyclopedia Rudimentia: The Ultimate Drum Rudiment Collection


With over 850 rudimental patterns, Encyclopedia Rudimentia is the largest and most comprehensive resource on rudimental drumming ever compiled. There are hundreds more rudiments inside than in any other resource to date. Use the Encyclopedia to reference rudiments from all 4 of the world’s leading rudimental cultures, Ancient Anglo-American Fife and Drum, Swiss Basler Trommeln, Scotch Pipe Band Drumming, and DCI Hybrid Drumming plus learn unique examples from the German, Dutch, and French military styles. Learn from the 19th century masters on both sides of the Atlantic, including Hazeltine, Ashworth, Potter, Hart, Strube, Bruce & Emmett, Sousa, and Rumrille & Holton. Then, see how interpretations changed in the 20th Century with master teachers like Wilcoxon and Moeller. Go further beyond the normal rudiments with nearly 550 DCI Hybrid Rudiments that stretch right into the 21st century. This is the largest single collection of Hybrids in print today. Inform your orchestral interpretations, enhance your chops, broaden your international and historical drumming context, and load up on new and exciting rhythms for fills, grooves, and solos on the drum set with a nearly endless supply of practice material. Encyclopedia Rudimentia will stay in your practice routine for years to come.