Travis Brant | American Drummer & Composer

How To Read Drum Music Paperback – April 3, 2012


A quick, easy approach to reading drum music. Maybe you’re a brand new drummer, or maybe you’ve been playing for years; in either case, you want to learn to read drum music. Whether you’re a novice performer or a professional musician, Stu and Jimmy’s easy explanations and clear examples make “How To Read Drum Music” as easy as A-B-C.

Each of the aspects of drum music are presented simply, clearly, as is the related musical notation. “How To Read Drum Music’s” website,, provides free video instruction for each example in the book. If you’re willing to spend a half hour to an hour a day, within a couple weeks Jimmy and Stu will have you reading drum music.

AUTHOR”S NOTE: We urge you to order the paper book, not the ebook. The paper book provides the better, quicker, learning experience.