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Latin to Funk Drum Method: Master Essential Latin Rhythms and Modern Funk Grooves


The Only Latin to Funk Drum Method
Countless current pop and soul tunes are infused with modern Latin-Funk grooves, and anyone serious about their drumming needs to know how to play these beats. But beyond contemporary music, the study of Latin and Funk grooves will improve every area of your drumming.

Discover the following essential drum techniques

Perfect Moeller technique
Heel-up and heel-down kick drum technique
Hand and foot independence
Coordination and timing
Playing in the pocket
…and much more.

Why Latin and Funk?
Listen to the drums on James Brown’s Sex Machine or Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag. Check out David Garibaldi’s drumming on Tower of Power’s Soul Vaccination. Listen to Steve Gadd’s hypnotic groove on Paul Simon’s Late in the Evening. All these tracks have one thing in common – the funky grooves are actually variations of Latin rhythms.

Latin to Funk drum students will quickly become much more versatile players by learning these six authentic Latin grooves:

Bossa Nova
Before renowned session drummer Jon Howells teaches you how to “Funkify” each rhythm and adapt them into exciting, modern funk grooves that you can use in hundreds of musical settings.

Latin and Funk Drum Techniques That Will Last a Lifetime
Also included is an introduction to Moeller Technique that teaches you the most economical style of drumming which uses gravity and the natural bounce of the stick to make playing easier.

Learning the four basic Moeller snare strokes will enable you to:
Keep your hands and wrists relaxed while playing drums
Increase your drum control, speed and power
Play accents and ghost notes on drums in quick succession with great accuracy
Add fluidity and flow to your drum technique
All these techniques are illustrated with photographs and clear instructions to help perfect them.
Get the Funky Latin Drum Groove
This book comes with over 200 perfectly notated examples that examine each element of Latin and Funk drumming in detail. After mastering the individual elements, each chapter has:

A Latin groove study piece
Tools to “Funkify” each Latin groove
A Funk groove study piece
Bonus Studio quality audio of each example to download for free

Bonus Backing tracks for every groove, both with & without drums, so you can jam along to the tracks and hone your skills.

Get the groove and buy the Latin to Funk Drum Method today!