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The Drummer’s Weekly Workout | 1/31/22

1/31/22: It’s Monday! Which means a NEW weekly workout.. This week we’re having fun with open hi-hat patterns. Look for circles above the hi-hat notes. The circles indicate that you should lift your foot from the hi-hat pedal, then close it before the next beat. On another note, thank you so much for being part of […]

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The Drummer’s Weekly Workout | 12/13/21

The Drummer's Weekly Workout

12/13/21: Hey everyone, Continuing the holiday tradition, I created 5 new exercises this week. Hope you enjoy them! -travis About The Drummer’s Weekly Workout The Drummer’s Weekly Workout is 3 new drum set exercises, delivered to your email every week. Sign up for the weekly workout by clicking here — it’s free! Every exercise in the Drummer’s Weekly […]

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The Drummer’s Weekly Workout | 12/06/21

12/06/21: Hey drummers, it’s been a busy week here.. Lot’s of gigs and I’ve been recording new music with a few different artists. Today’s exercises should be fun for players of all levels. Also, to celebrate the holidays, I will be sending FIVE exercises every week in December, starting today! Make sure to hit the […]

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The Drummer’s Weekly Workout | 11/22/21

11/22/21: Happy Monday, hope you are making great progress on your drumming journey! This week’s exercises are a lot of fun. They’re designed to challenge your coordination with non-standard beats and rhythms. As always, learn them slow before speeding up the tempo. You can also send me a video of yourself practicing these exercises, and I […]

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The Drummer’s Weekly Workout | 11/08/21

11/08/21: Hey Drummers! It’s been a busy couple of weeks here.. We’re gearing up to shoot new video for the upcoming Axon Radio single. It will hit the radio in January. In the meantime, I created some bonus material to keep you busy! This week’s exercises focus on the kick drum. You have TEN exercises instead of three. […]

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