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Chart Builder for Drummers

Chart Builder for Drummers

Chart Builder For Drummers

Chart Builder for Drummers is now FREE inside the Drummer Tools website! Map song structure and notate song sections in short hand, all on a single piece of paper. The methods used in Chart Builder for Drummers were pioneered by Billboard / Mediabase top 40 recording artist, Travis Brant - "Chart Builder saves me tons of time, especially when I have to learn and remember a lot of new songs in a short period of time."

Chart builder for Drummers is available inside the Travis' Drummer Tools website. Drummer Tools is free and insludes tools to author drum books, weekly workouts, and thousands of daily drum lessons.

Chart Builder for Drummers includes:

Shorthand notation
Easy song mapping - verse, chorus, bridge, etc.
Drag and drop arranging
Song title, tempo, time signature
Print or PDF export
Free access!

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