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The Drummer’s Weekly Workout | 8/16/21

The Drummer's Weekly Workout

Hey drummers, the weekly workout is here! If you like playing drums and like a challenge, sign up for my Weekly Workout. You’ll get three free drum set exercises delivered to your email every Monday.

8/16/21: This weeks exercises are designed for intermediate players. All exercises are linked to the Groove Scribe, which lets you hear each exercise exactly as it should be played. You can even speed up the tempo, create your own grooves, share with your friends, and print sheet music — all in one place!

Sign up for the weekly workout by clicking here!

The Weekly Workout is brought to you by Travis Brant — American drummer, composer, and co-founder of Axon Radio.


Monster Bass Drum | Volume I — by Travis Brant

Monster Bass Drum — Volume I is a progressive series of drum set exercises that improves bass drum versatility. Throughout this series your hand patterns will remain constant and only the bass drum will change. To execute these exercises, you only need a bass drum, snare drum, and a set of hi-hats.

Download Monster Bass Drum — Volume I by clicking here


200 Monster BASS DRUM exercises
Instant download
Can be downloaded up to 4 times
Includes ePlayer access
PDF Format

About the ePlayer

Every exercise in Monster Bass Drum is ‘clickable’ and has a corresponding QR code. Clicking on the exercise or scanning the QR code will open the exercise in the online ePlayer. The ePlayer lets you hear each exercise properly executed. You can speed up or slow down the pattern, as well as enable the built-in metronome.

Scan the QR code below to see a working example in the ePlayer. No software or downloads are required.

Monster BASS DRUM is also available on Amazon, for Kindle apps and readers — click here.

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