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Linear Drum Fill For Beginners

Linear drum fill for beginners

Scroll down to learn a cool linear drum fill with some orchestration ideas in under 60 seconds.

New to linear drum fills and grooves?

Linear drum fills and grooves are an essential part of a drummer's vocabulary, and an important tool for adding interest and excitement to a song. Linear patterns are characterized by their smooth flowing motion while playing all notes in succession. No two notes are played at the same time.

The idea behind linear drum patterns is to create a continuous line of sound that flows from one drum set instrument to the next. This creates a feeling of momentum and helps to build excitement in the music. Linear drum patterns can be played using a variety of different sticking patterns, including single strokes, doubles, and paradiddles.

When practicing linear drum patterns, it's important to start slow and gradually build up speed. Focus on playing each note cleanly and with even volume, and strive for a smooth, flowing motion between the drums. As you become more comfortable with the fill, try to add variations, such as accenting certain notes or playing the fill with different sticking patterns.

When incorporating linear drum patterns into your playing, it's important to be aware of the musical context. A fill or groove that works well in one song may not be appropriate for another. Take the time to listen to the song and feel out where a fill might fit, and then practice playing it in that context.

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