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The Drummer’s Weekly Workout | 9/06/21

9/6/21: The Weekly Workout is 3 new drum set exercises, delivered to your email every week. This week we are working on 16th note patterns. Play them one handed on the hi-hats, then switch it up and use both hands on the hats.

Make a video of yourself playing these exercises and I’ll share it on my social media pages. Just upload your video to YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. Then, send me a message on any of those platforms. Enjoy!

Sign up for the weekly workout by clicking here — it’s free!

Every exercise in the Weekly Workout is ‘clickable’ and has a corresponding QR code. Clicking on the exercise or scanning the QR code will open the exercise in the online ePlayer powered by Groove Scribe. The ePlayer lets you speed up the tempo, create your own grooves, share with your friends, and print sheet music — all in one place!

To see a working example, scan the QR code below:

Sign up for the weekly workout by clicking here — it’s free!


‘Prom Drama’ Video Challenge

The ‘Prom Drama’ video challenge from Axon Radio is still going on. To date, only one person has figured it out. Get your reward now! Click here to get your clues.