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E-Books For Drummers [Article]

Technology has changed the way drummers consume educational materials. We have YouTube videos, apps to play along with, Skype and Zoom lessons, ebooks and more.

Ebooks is a category of instruction I 'm particularly interested in, because e-books for drummers merge technology, interactive learning, and traditional sheet music found in print publications.

To date, I've written more than 19 ebooks for drummers. All of these e-books combine modern and traditional learning, while allowing every drummer to carry a massive library of learning / practice material everywhere drummers go!

In 2021 I also founded - a website that aggregates traditional print books and ebooks for drummers. Update: Since this article was originally published, all content from has been moved to this website ( You can view those materials here.

All of the ebooks I've written are linked to an online ePlayer. This ePlayer is based on the free / open source music notation software for drummers, Groove Scribe. Groove Scribe is an incredible tool developed by drummer Mike Johnston.  It allows drummers to easily create and share grooves, print sheet music, and more.

The ebooks I've written are linked to the Groove Scribe in two ways:

First, each exercise is clickable - allowing drummers to hear the drum set pattern in real time. Full control is given, allowing every exercise to be sped up or slowed down.

Second, each exercise has a QR code. When any of my ebooks for drummers are printed, the exercises are obviously not clickable. The QR codes allow drummers to SCAN each exercise which then appears in the ePlayer, on a smartphone or tablet.

Example of an ebook exercise with a QR code:

E-books for drummers

Hopefully after reading this you will explore some ebooks for yourself! I've created many resources to get you started, including a Weekly Workout where you can receive a mini ebook for drummers every week, for FREE! To get started simply enter your e-mail address below.

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